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Mission Statement

At Greener Edge Web Designs we believe that doing our part to protect our natural resources is just as important as the web sites we design for our clients. Our goal is a multi-tiered phased in plan of incorporating more alternative energy to operate our business. We plan on doing this in stages as our business grows and produces more revenue.

Currently, we are using every feasible method possible to incorporate energy savings. For example, computers are set up on energy managing systems and will shut down all drives and monitors when not in use for more than 5 minutes. While that seems small, the energy savings adds up. We also use more natural light, energy saving lighting and so on.

Eventually we hope to utilize solar power and a bio diesel run generator that uses reclaimed cooking oil in order to further reduce our energy needs.

We believe that making small changes in the way we run and operate our business will help reduce the overall use of non renewable energy.